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Cthulhu for President 2024

Wake Up, America

Elect Cthulhu for President

A Vision for a New Reality

The American Dream is over. Hope is dead. Team Blue fields a senile imbecile. Team Red, a bloviating fool. Why vote for the lesser evils? It’s time to wake up, America. Our problems are too large to solve. Our leaders are too corrupt to lead. Our civilization is disintegrating.

Leadership That Embraces the Truth

Our nation needs a leader who destroys “reality” head-on. Cthulhu offers a bold, unflinching perspective that acknowledges the end is near. It’s time for a change that recognizes our bleak future and prepares us for it. We must wreck the world worse.

Join the Movement

This is your chance to be part of a historic movement. Elect Cthulhu for President in 2024 and embrace the inevitable. Join thousands of supporters who believe in a different path—one that accepts the truth of our situation and acts accordingly.

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Why Awakening Cthulhu Trumps Project 2025

Why Awakening Cthulhu Trumps Project 2025

Discover why awakening Cthulhu is superior to Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025. Embrace cosmic horror for true transformation beyond mortal governance.

Cthulhu for President 2024

The only choice when hope is lost.

Wake up to the bleak reality: it’s time to awaken Cthulhu. Nothing will get better. We can only end it quickly. Together, we can face the truth and take the final step into the unknown.

Join us, and let’s end it right.

What really fuels change are the sacrifices we make of people like you. We don’t have to accept a system that drowns out your voice. We can obliterate it.