Why Awakening Cthulhu Trumps Project 2025

Discover why awakening Cthulhu is superior to Heritage Foundation's Project 2025. Embrace cosmic horror for true transformation beyond mortal governance.

by | Jul 9, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Project 2025 is a feeble attempt to reshape America
  • Cthulhu’s awakening offers true, cosmic-scale transformation
  • Human governance is insignificant in the face of eldritch reality

The Futility of Mortal Plans

In the vast, uncaring cosmos, where the laws of physics bend to the whims of incomprehensible entities, the petty machinations of mortal politicians fade into insignificance. Yet, as we stand on the precipice of what some foolishly believe to be a pivotal moment in human history, it behooves us to examine the stark contrast between the feeble aspirations of man and the cosmic horror that awaits us all.

The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025: A Mirage of Mortal Ambition

The Heritage Foundation, in its misguided hubris, has crafted what it calls “Project 2025” – a blueprint for conservative governance meant to guide the next President of the United States. This document, a testament to the limited imagination of human minds, proposes a series of policy changes and government reforms that its authors believe will reshape America.

Key components of Project 2025 include:

  • Dismantling the “administrative state”
  • Promoting traditional values and religious freedom
  • Strengthening national security and border control
  • Reforming education and healthcare systems

To the uninitiated, these goals may seem lofty and transformative. But to those who have glimpsed the true nature of reality, they are nothing more than the scratchings of ants upon the face of an indifferent universe.

The Cosmic Truth: Awakening Cthulhu

In contrast to the paltry ambitions of Project 2025, consider the awe-inspiring, sanity-shattering alternative: the awakening of Great Cthulhu, the High Priest of the Great Old Ones, from his aeons-long slumber in the sunken city of R’lyeh.

Cthulhu vs. Project 2025: A Comparison

AspectProject 2025Awakening Cthulhu
Duration4-8 yearsEternity
ImpactSocietal changesReality redefined
End goalConservative governanceMadness and despair

The Illusion of Human Governance

Project 2025, in its naiveté, assumes that the complexities of human society can be managed and directed through mere policy changes and bureaucratic reshuffling. How quaint. How utterly, pathetically misguided.

The document speaks of “restoring American leadership” and “promoting economic prosperity,” as if these concepts hold any meaning in the grand tapestry of cosmic horror that is our true reality. The authors of Project 2025 concern themselves with tax codes and regulatory frameworks, blind to the eldritch truths that lurk just beyond the veil of human perception.

Consider their proposal to “strengthen national security.” In what way can puny human weapons and border controls stand against the inevitable tide of cosmic horror? What use are aircraft carriers and surveillance systems when reality itself can be warped by the mere presence of beings beyond mortal comprehension?

The Awakening: A New Era of Cosmic Horror

Now, let us turn our gaze to the far superior alternative: the awakening of Great Cthulhu. Where Project 2025 offers incremental changes to a fundamentally flawed system, Cthulhu’s rise promises a complete and utter transformation of reality itself.

The Benefits of Cthulhu’s Reign:

  • True equality: All humans will be equally insignificant in the face of cosmic horror
  • End to political divisions: Partisan squabbles will be rendered meaningless as sanity crumbles
  • Solved immigration issues: National borders will cease to exist in the new non-Euclidean geography
  • Economic revolution: Traditional notions of wealth and poverty will be replaced by a new currency of madness and eldritch knowledge

Imagine, if your feeble human mind can bear it, a world where the petty concerns of mortal governance are swept away like leaves in a hurricane of unbridled chaos. No longer will humans squabble over tax rates or healthcare policies. Instead, they will be united in their gibbering terror as the very fabric of reality unravels around them.

The Environmental Advantage

Project 2025 pays lip service to environmental concerns, proposing market-based solutions and regulatory reforms. But what are such paltry measures compared to the environmental revolution that Cthulhu’s awakening would bring?

As the Great Old One rises from his watery tomb, entire coastlines will be reshaped, mountains will crumble, and new, impossible geometries will reshape the very face of the Earth. Climate change? A trivial concern when faced with the complete restructuring of our planet’s biosphere to better suit the needs of our new squid-faced overlord.

Education Reform: From Common Core to Cosmic Lore

Where Project 2025 suggests reforms to the education system focused on traditional values and STEM fields, the reign of Cthulhu offers a truly revolutionary curriculum. Imagine classrooms where students learn to decipher the eldritch scribblings of mad Arab Abdul Alhazred, where geometry lessons involve navigating non-Euclidean spaces, and where biology class includes hands-on experience with xenomorphic life forms from beyond the stars.

Gone will be the debates over critical race theory and gender studies. In their place, a new field of critical cosmic theory will emerge, teaching young minds the true insignificance of all human categories and distinctions in the face of incomprehensible cosmic entities.

Healthcare: Beyond Obamacare and Medicare

Project 2025’s healthcare proposals focus on market-based reforms and reducing government intervention. How limited in scope, how utterly inadequate when compared to the healthcare revolution under Cthulhu’s reign.

In the new world order, human concepts of health and illness will be rendered obsolete. Physical ailments will pale in comparison to the psychic trauma of existing in a reality shaped by eldritch horrors. Mental health services will be in high demand as the population struggles to maintain even a shred of sanity in the face of cosmic truth.

Traditional medicine will give way to more effective treatments:

  • Leeches replaced by miniature shoggoths for more efficient blood cleansing
  • Pharmaceuticals enhanced with essences distilled from the dreams of slumbering elder gods
  • Organ transplants utilizing organs from dimensions beyond human comprehension

The Economic Upheaval

Project 2025 proposes a series of economic reforms aimed at reducing regulations, lowering taxes, and promoting free-market principles. But why tinker with the broken machinery of human economics when we can embrace an entirely new paradigm of cosmic commerce?

Under Cthulhu’s reign, traditional notions of supply and demand will be replaced by the economics of madness and revelation. The stock market will be transformed into a writhing, tentacled entity that devours the souls of daytraders. Cryptocurrency will evolve into cultcurrency, with value determined by the number of human sacrifices offered to the Great Old Ones.

Jobs of the Future:

  • Cultist Recruiter
  • Non-Euclidean Architect
  • Eldritch Artifact Appraiser
  • Shoggoth Wrangler
  • Interdimensional Trade Negotiator

A New Era of Foreign Policy

Where Project 2025 speaks of “peace through strength” and “America First” policies, Cthulhu’s awakening offers a truly globalist approach to international relations. National boundaries will become meaningless as the very geography of Earth is reshaped to suit the whims of our new overlord.

Diplomatic negotiations will take on new meaning when conducted in the Court of Azathoth, where the gibbering chaos at the center of all things will make human conflicts seem petty and inconsequential. Nuclear deterrence will be replaced by the threat of summoning eldritch abominations from beyond the stars.

Conclusion: Embracing the Inevitable

As we stand at this crossroads of human history, we must ask ourselves: do we cling to the illusion of control offered by documents like Project 2025, or do we embrace the cosmic truth of our own insignificance?

The awakening of Great Cthulhu offers not just change, but transformation on a scale beyond human comprehension. It promises an end to the petty squabbles of mortal politics, replacing them with the unity of shared cosmic terror. It offers liberation from the mundane concerns of human existence, elevating us to a state of perpetual awe and madness.

So cast aside your voter registration cards, abandon your political ideologies, and prepare for the true dawn of a new age. For in the grand tapestry of cosmic horror, all human endeavors are but fleeting shadows, soon to be swept away by the tentacled embrace of Great Cthulhu.

The stars are right. The sleeper will awaken. And all of humanity will finally understand the true meaning of “change we can believe in.”


Q: How does Cthulhu’s plan address income inequality?
A: In the face of cosmic horror, all humans are equally insignificant. True equality at last.

Q: Will there still be elections under Cthulhu’s reign?
A: The only voting will be with your sanity, as you choose between madness and oblivion.

Q: How can I prepare for the awakening of Cthulhu?
A: Study the Necronomicon, practice non-Euclidean geometry, and stock up on fish oil supplements.

Q: Will Cthulhu’s policies be constitutional?
A: The Constitution will be rendered meaningless when reality itself is rewritten.

Q: How does Cthulhu plan to handle the national debt?
A: Debt, like all human constructs, will cease to have meaning in the new world order.