Cthulhu hires presidential campaign manager and appoints senior staff

Cthulhu has hired a Republican strategist to manage his presidential campaign and has recruited other veteran operatives with controversial histories.

by | Sep 9, 2015


KINGSPORT, MASSACHUSETTS – Cthulhu has hired a seasoned Republican strategist to manage his nascent presidential campaign and has recruited other veteran operatives to round out a senior staff that also will include top advisers with controversial histories.

Eminence Waite (pictured above), a well-regarded, if not outright fearsome, operative who has worked for the World Bank, the IMF and the Bilderberg Group has joined the Cthulhu operation as campaign manager.

Waite will be joining Samir al-Azrad at top of the Cthulhu campaign. Samir al-Azrad, longtime communications adviser for many corporations, was hired last month as the Cthulhu campaign’s chief messaging officer. Al-Azrad is known for his ruthlessness and it will be interesting to see how he can take on current polling juggernauts Trump and Clinton.

Cthulhu advisers provided a list of campaign staffing moves to The Washington Post.

Frustrated by continually losing to lesser evils, Cthulhu continues to poll far back in a crowded field and will be relying on a small campaign team to guide his ascendance.

Waite will be overseeing the campaign’s nuts-and-bolts political operations from the national headquarters in Kingsport, Massachusetts, while al-Azrad will serve as Cthulhu’s right-hand adviser, often traveling with him and working directly with local press to ensure Cthulhu’s message is correctly scribed.

As expected, Cecilia Bishop, who worked on Cthulhu’s 2008 and 2012 presidential runs and held senior positions in the Massachusetts governorships of Swift, Romney and Patrick, will serve as senior strategist and lead a team of outside consultants.

Trent Armitage, a media and marketing professor at Harvard will be the campaign’s lead media consultant. He is a neophyte to presidential campaigns, but his research into media persuasion techniques earned him top consulting jobs with Fox News and CNN. Armitage does come with some measure of controversy, especially over his research in “blipverts,” which earned him a widely-publicized tongue-lashing from MIT rival Noam Chomsky.

The candidate’s closest counselor and the gatekeeper to his political orbit, Barabas Marsh, will serve as the campaign’s fundraiser and all-around adviser. Marsh also serves on the board of multiple Wall Street firms as well as heading his own global investment firm, Dagon Capital.

Since Cthulhu is running an Independent campaign he will not be focusing on the Republican and Democratic Party primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. His strategic focus, for now, is squarely on building a following in large electoral vote states such as California, Texas, New York and Illinois.

Alice Carter, a former Cthulhu aide who moved to California following the 2012 election to become executive director of the state Republican Party, will serve as California state director.

In Texas, Cthulhu’s campaign will be directed by Randolph Brown, great-nephew to state power-house George Brown. He will be joined in Texas by state political director John Elkins, who has has no electoral experience, nor any employment history at all.

Cthulhu’s sanctioned super PAC, Rite to Arise — which has set a goal of raising $10 million to $16 million by the close of the election’s third fundraising quarter — recently announced its senior staff.

It will be led by Josephina V. Blankfein, whose deep connections to world finance will be a great fundraising boon. The super PAC’s advertising and media strategy will be overseen by Mycroft Pickman, a wunderkind of social and new media.

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