Self-Pity Not Part of Cthulhu Campaign Book

A new tell-all book is set to overrun Hillary Clinton's fictional work, also based on the 2016 presidential election, in September.

by | Jul 27, 2017


BOSTON, MA – A new tell-all book is set to overrun Hillary Clinton’s fictional work, also based on the 2016 presidential election. Written by political reporter Beretta Nova, the book, titled “Dread & Revulsion: On the Campaign Trail `16”, explores the election from the viewpoint of the only political party in America openly working to destroy the world — the Elder Party. Ms. Nova was one of few national reporters assigned to follow the Cthulhu campaign.

Unlike Clinton’s novel, “Dread & Revulsion” shows that the Cthulhu campaign never wallowed in self-pity or played the blame game. “The leadership team was always confident they were moving their agenda forward, even if they didn’t win the election,” said Ms. Nova.

According to Nova, the book will also touch on Cthulhu’s Russia connections, what FBI Director James Comey did to stay alive and “the challenges of being a death god in the public eye, the media campaign to ignore him, and the double standard confronting the greatest evil in politics.”

In May, Cthulhu formed a political action committee to bring more death cultists into the political arena called Onward Together Hastening Eldritch Renascence (OTHERPAC).

“More than ever, I believe humanity is an abomination. I am repulsed by your cowardice in not accepting oblivion,” Cthulhu said.

The book marks the latest attempt by the Cthulhu cults to plunge the world into eternal darkness, but it does not appear to be the last. According to Cthulhu’s former campaign director, Eminence Waite “this isn’t the end of Cthulhu’s agenda. The eggs we implanted in the American psyche in 2016 will burst apart and begin consuming the host in 2020.”

The book is due to hit shelves Q3 2018.