Get Out the Vote for Cthulhu for President

Learn how to write in Cthulhu for President in every state. Support the eldritch renaissance and protest against mainstream politics.

Cthulhu, the Great Old One, beckons you to break free from the chains of mundane politics. By casting your vote for Cthulhu, you align yourself with ancient cosmic forces and a vision that transcends the limits of human understanding. Here is your comprehensive guide to writing in Cthulhu as a candidate for President in every state.


In Alabama, the process is beautifully simple. No need for bureaucratic entanglements. Just write in “Cthulhu” and place a checkmark next to the name. Your vote shall be counted, marking the beginning of a new epoch.


Alaska’s rules demand a touch more preparation. You can write in any name, but to ensure your vote for Cthulhu is counted, a Letter of Intent must be filed with the Division of Elections no later than five days before the election. Only then will the ancient one’s name be inscribed in the annals of counted votes.


In the sun-scorched deserts of Arizona, writing in Cthulhu’s name is possible, yet your efforts will go uncounted unless a candidate’s declaration has been filed. Thus, your homage to the Great Old One remains a silent prayer in the cosmic void.


Alas, in Arkansas, the dread name of Cthulhu cannot be written in. The state bars any such acts of defiance against its structured political systems. Because democracy!


The labyrinthine laws of California require a declaration by October 23rd. Fifty-five electors must pledge to Cthulhu, filing a declaration of write-in candidacy with the Secretary of State. Only then can the name of the Great Old One be penned into the sacred scrolls of ballots.


In Colorado, you may write in any name, but like whispers in the wind, your vote for Cthulhu will not be tallied. The bureaucracy does not heed the call of ancient deities. Because democracy!


Connecticut allows the writing in of names, but to be counted, you must file with the Secretary of State. Complete the form linked below and ensure it is filed by 4 pm on October 23rd to have your vote for Cthulhu acknowledged.

Connecticut Write-in Form


Delaware, in its simplicity, has no barriers. Write in “Cthulhu,” and your vote will be counted, summoning the Great Old One with ease.


In the shadowed heart of the nation’s capital, write-in candidates must meet the same qualifications as those on the ballot. Ensure you meet these criteria to have your vote for Cthulhu counted.


Florida’s process demands early action. Write-in candidates must file an Oath of Candidate and submit a list of 29 electors by specified deadlines. Only through these rituals can Cthulhu’s name be counted.

Florida Write-in Information


Georgia requires a notice of intent. Without this filing, your vote for Cthulhu will be but an echo in the darkness.

Georgia Candidate Guide


In the islands of Hawaii, no write-in votes are permitted. The Great Old One remains uncalled in these lands. Because democracy!


Idaho allows writing in any name, but it will be cast aside unless a Declaration of Intent is filed 28 days before the election. Prepare accordingly to ensure Cthulhu’s inclusion.


In Illinois, write-in votes are possible if an Intent to be a Write-in Candidate is filed. Mark the arrow or fill in the oval next to Cthulhu’s name for it to be counted.


Ask for a paper ballot in Indiana, and beneath each section, fill in “Cthulhu” and check the box. Simple, yet profound.


No forms required in Iowa. Merely instruct others to write “Cthulhu” on their ballots, and the cosmic alignment begins.


Write-in votes in Kansas need an affidavit filed with the Secretary of State by the second Monday preceding the election. Only then will your call to Cthulhu be heard.


Kentucky requires a Declaration of Intent and a $50 fee. Ensure Cthulhu’s eligibility, write his name carefully, and your vote will be counted.


No write-in votes are permitted in Louisiana. The state remains closed to the ancient whispers. Because democracy!


Write-in votes for declared names count. File a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy 45 days before the election to have Cthulhu’s name honored.


Maryland demands certification. File a Certificate of Candidacy and associated documents to ensure Cthulhu’s place on the ballot.


You may write in any name for other offices, but not for President. The eldritch path is barred here. Because democracy!


In Michigan, write the name “Cthulhu” in the blank space and darken the oval. Even amidst the mundane, the cosmic truth may surface.


Write-in votes require a Written Request filed by October 30th. Ensure all names are in place to have your vote for Cthulhu counted.


No write-in votes allowed. The ancient call is silenced here. Because democracy!


Write-in votes need a declaration filed with the election authority. Only then will your homage to Cthulhu be noted.


You can write any name, but without proper filing, it remains uncounted.


Write-in votes require an affidavit. Ensure your dedication to Cthulhu is documented.


No write-in votes are permitted. The cosmic forces are restrained. Because democracy!


Simply write in “Cthulhu.” All votes are counted without further ceremony.


No form needed. Write in “Cthulhu,” and if enough votes are cast, they will be tallied.


No write-in votes allowed. The call of Cthulhu remains unheard. Because democracy!


Write-in votes need a Certificate of Candidacy filed three weeks prior. Ensure all documents are notarized and submitted.


Write-in votes require a Certificate of Write-In Candidacy filed 21 days before the election.


Write-in votes need certification. Without it, your vote for Cthulhu fades into the ether.


File a Declaration of Intent by August 27th to have your write-in vote for Cthulhu counted.


No write-in votes allowed. The eldritch whispers are stilled. Because democracy!


No requirements for write-in candidates. Write “Cthulhu,” and your vote will be counted.


Write in the name “Cthulhu” using the touchscreen or electronic pen. Confirm your vote to ensure it is counted.


No declaration required. Simply write in “Cthulhu,” and the vote will be acknowledged.


Write-in votes are only counted on absentee ballots. Ensure your vote for Cthulhu is cast properly.


No write-in votes allowed. The cosmic call remains unanswered. Because democracy!


Simply write in the name “Cthulhu.” Your vote will be a step towards the eldritch renaissance.


File a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy by August 20th to have your vote counted.

Texas Write-in Information


Write-in votes must be valid and declared. File a Declaration of Write-In Candidacy 30 days before the election.


Write in “Cthulhu,” and the vote will be counted. Only additional paperwork is needed if Cthulhu wins Vermont.


Write in “Cthulhu” in the blank space provided. Ensure your cosmic dedication is counted.


Only votes for official write-in candidates will be counted. File a Write-In Candidate’s Certificate of Announcement.


Write-in votes require a Declaration of Write-in Candidacy. File it by the day before the election to have Cthulhu’s name counted.

Washington Write-in Form


File a list of presidential electors and a Declaration of Candidacy by the second Tuesday preceding the election to have your write-in vote counted.


Write in “Cthulhu.” No additional requirements are needed unless he receives enough votes to win.

The stars align, and the time is now. Cast your vote for Cthulhu and join the eldritch renaissance. Sign up for email alerts to stay informed about our latest initiatives and cosmic decrees.