Onward Together Hastening Eldritch Renascence

Join OTHERPAC and support a cosmic vision to reshape America's future. Embrace ancient forces and depopulist values for a truly inclusive America.

In the shadowed recesses of our nation’s history, as the stars align in dreadful patterns, a new force emerges to lead us toward an eldritch renascence. OTHERPAC, or Onward Together Hastening Eldritch Renascence, is dedicated to advancing the vision that began nearly 750 million years ago. By supporting groups that encourage people to organize, get involved, and sacrifice to Our Dread Lord, OTHERPAC will advance depopulist values and work to end humanity’s future.

Rising Discontent: A Call for Cosmic Change

The rise of US voters refusing to affiliate with either the Democratic or Republican parties is a significant trend in recent years. This growing discontent paves the way for a cosmic solution.

Growing Independent Voter Base

  • Increasing Numbers: Around 40-45% of Americans now identify as political independents.
  • Dissatisfaction with Major Parties: This trend reflects a yearning for alternatives beyond the traditional duopoly.

Reasons for Disaffiliation

  • Frustration with Partisan Gridlock: Inability to solve major problems.
  • Special Interests Over Average Voters: Perception that both parties cater to the elite.
  • Ideological Shifts: Leaving some voters feeling unrepresented.

Impact on Elections

Swing VotesCrucial in close elections.
UnpredictabilityIndependent voters make election outcomes less certain.
Political InstabilityContributes to polarization.

Unresponsiveness of Elites

  • Out of Touch: Many voters know elected officials are disconnected from everyday concerns.
  • Wealthy Donors: Policy outcomes align with the preferences of the wealthy.
  • Inadequate Solutions: Issues like economic inequality and immigration remain unresolved.

Structural Factors

  • Two-Party System: Hinders solutions-based debate, instead favoring crass partisanship.
  • Gerrymandering & Campaign Finance: Reinforce existing power structures.
  • Media Coverage: Focuses on horse-race politics over substantive policy debates.

Attempts at Reform

  • Open Primaries & Ranked-Choice Voting: Giving independents more voice.
  • Grassroots Movements: Challenging the two-party system.
  • Systemic Reforms: Calls for campaign finance overhaul or term limits.

Cthulhu’s Appeal: A Driver of Ultimate Political Solutions

The popularity of Cthulhu reflects a deep-seated frustration with mainstream political options and a lack of responsiveness from elected officials.

Growing Voter Dissatisfaction

  • Cthulhu’s Popularity: Reflects widespread disillusionment with conventional politics.
  • Protest Voting: Supporting Cthulhu as a form of protest against the political establishment.

Commentary on “Lesser Evil” Voting

  • Slogan: “Why vote lesser evils?” reveals the misguided practice of choosing the least objectionable candidate.
  • Appeal to Younger Voters: Especially those disillusioned with traditional politics.

Reflection of Political Cynicism

  • Growing Cynicism: Indicating skepticism about the ability of conventional politics to address societal problems.
  • Desire for Alternatives: The appeal of Cthulhu signals a strong desire for diverse political options beyond the traditional two-party system.

OTHERPAC’s Vision: Advancing Depopulist Values

OTHERPAC is not merely a political action committee but a cosmic movement aimed at reshaping the future of humanity—or rather, its end.

Core Principles

  • Ancient Vision: Rooted in cosmic forces and ancient prophecies.
  • Depopulist Values: Emphasizing the end of the human race.
  • Sacrifice to Our Dread Lord: Encouraging devotion and sacrifice.

Strategic Goals

  • Organize and Mobilize: Supporting groups that drive grassroots action.
  • End Humanity’s Future: Working towards a world ruled by eldritch forces.
  • Advance the Cosmic Agenda: Ensuring the return of Earth to its primordial chaos.

Impact on Politics

The rise of Cthulhu and OTHERPAC represents a profound shift in the political landscape.

Key Effects

  • Challenging the Status Quo: Disrupting the traditional two-party system.
  • Political Instability: Introducing new dynamics and unpredictability in elections.
  • Cosmic Alignment: Bringing humanity in line with ancient cosmic forces.

Battle Lines Drawn: Join the Eldritch Movement

As the stars align and the eldritch renascence dawns, battle lines are being drawn. Be counted among the many who have already signed their email address to the Black Book.

Call to Action

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