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2016 Press

Cthulhu’s War on Christmas (12/15/2015) Religion News Service
Cthulhu hits the campaign trail (12/28/2015) Nothing But Comics
Cthulhu wants your vote for president (2/14/2016) Pop Wrapped
Could Cthulhu trump the other Super Tuesday contenders? (3/1/2016) The Guardian
Qui se cache derrière la campagne Cthulhu for America ? (3/3/2016) Rue89
What is Cthulhu for America and should you be afraid (4/4/2016) Briefing 2016
Cthulhu slams ‘lesser evils’ at press conference following Wisconsin primary. (4/7/2016) Victorville Daily Press
Amidst the madness, a new Presidential candidate emerges. (4/8/2016) Outside the Magic
No Lives Matter: Cthulhu Campaign is Up for Bold Moves (4/26/2016) Sputnik News
Cthulhu for America says Ted Cruz isn’t satanic enough to be president (4/29/2016) Briefing 2016
Ep 184 Strange Politics Part 2 The Campaign Call Of Cthulhu (5/1/2016) Project Archivist
#Cthulhu For America: Do We R’lyeh Want To Go There? (8/7/2016) Movie Pilot
Meet Cthulhu (9/1/2016) Mark The Rabbit Hole Radio Show
Stephen King Compares Donald Trump To Cthulhu; Cthulhu Issues Angry Denial (9/13/2016) Huffington Post
Stephen King calls Trump Cthulhu, gets angry response (9/13/2016) AOL News
Stephen King compares Trump to Cthulhu — and now Cthulhu is pissed (9/13/2016) Raw Story
The Tentacles of H.P. Lovecraft (10/28/2016) Wall Street Journal
Cthulhu’s evil overlord: the monstrous world of HP Lovecraft (10/30/2016) The Telegraph
Cthulhu still an option (10/31/2016) USA Today

2016 Endorsements

U-News Endorses Cthulhu for President. (4/8/2016) U-News, UMKC’s Independent Student Newspaper
Endorsement: Cthulhu is the only choice to finish an exceptional America. (9/29/2016) Kingsport Star Herald
We recommend Cthulhu for president. (10/4/2016) The Arkham Advertiser
Against Hillary Trump. (10/8/2016) The Pacific
Vague Endorses Cthulhu for President of the United States. (10/13/2016) Vague Magazine
It’s an easy call: Cthulhu for president. (10/14/2016) The Daily Scryer, Miskatonic State University
The New Los Angelean Endorses Cthulhu. (10/24/2016) The New Los Angelean

The above image of 2016’s Avatar of Cthulhu is released under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/
The above image of Cthulhu is released under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/