Cthulhu Make Them Scream Mug


Embrace the madness, start the apocalypse, and let your mornings scream with otherworldly power.

Scream with Purpose: Cthulhu Campaign Mug

Start your day with eldritch energy. This mug combines dark humor and cosmic horror, perfect for those who defy the ordinary.

Unleash chaos with this Cthulhu for America Mug, featuring a vibrant manga-style Cthulhu wreaking havoc. Adorned with the slogan “Be the reason someone screams today,” this design captures the essence of anti-establishment rebellion and dark satire. It’s an ideal choice for horror aficionados and those disillusioned with a moribund political system.

Crafted from premium ceramic, this 15 oz mug boasts a glossy finish that enhances its dynamic, colorful illustration. Standing at 4.7 inches tall with a 3.35-inch diameter, it’s the perfect size for your morning brew. Remember, eldritch artifacts demand special care: this mug is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand-wash only to maintain its cosmic integrity.

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