Cultist All-Star “Drink For Evil” Mug


Show the world that you’ve embraced the cosmic horror of Cthulhu and that you drink not for good, but for evil. This cupboard essential is more than just a mug—it’s a statement.

Slurp the Darkness: Cultist All-Star “Drink For Evil” Mug

Let your co-workers or family see where you stand on the political spectrum with your All-Star Cultist mug. Back text: “I stopped drinking for good. I drink for evil.”

Step into the void with the “Cultist All-Star ‘Drink For Evil’ Mug.” Perfect for Lovecraft aficionados, horror enthusiasts, and those who embrace the darker side of existence, this mug is a bold declaration of your allegiance to the eldritch. Crafted from durable ceramic, it holds 15 oz of your favorite beverage, whether it’s your morning java or your afternoon tea.

Standing at 4.7 inches tall with a diameter of 3.35 inches, this sturdy, sleek mug boasts a glossy finish that enhances its sinister design. However, be forewarned: this eldritch vessel is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe and should be hand-washed only to preserve its otherworldly quality.

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