Cthulhu: Never Settle for Lesser Evils Mug


Awaken your mornings with a brew of eldritch chaos. This mug isn’t just a vessel; it’s a statement against the mundane.

Big Evil Never Disappoints

Satisfy your thirst for chaos and caffeine with our “Never Settle for Lesser Evils” Mug. This anime-style design features Cthulhu in all his tentacled glory, delivering on campaign promises in a way no earthly candidate could. This mug is a rallying cry for the disenchanted, the dissenters, and the devotees of the dark. Made from high-quality ceramic, it stands 4.7 inches tall with a 3.35-inch diameter, perfect for your eldritch elixirs. The glossy finish brings out the intricate details of Cthulhu’s otherworldly visage. Hand-wash only, for this artifact is too precious for the mundane constraints of dishwashers and microwaves. Unleash the ancient terror in every sip and declare your allegiance to the cosmic campaign.

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