The Elder Party Cap


Prepare for the eldritch apocalypse with style and sanity intact.

Ward Off Madness: The Elder Party Cap

Place this minor protection rune on your noggin so attending Cthulhu campaign events are slightly less sanity draining. Be smart, go insane AFTER the election!

Shield your mind with the “Elder Party Cap,” a must-have for the loyal followers of the Great Old One. Perfect for Lovecraft enthusiasts, horror aficionados, and political satirists, this cap is both a fashion statement and a symbol of eldritch allegiance. Don this cap and navigate the treacherous waters of Cthulhu’s campaign with a touch of dark magic and cosmic dread.

Crafted from 100% cotton, this soft-structured cap features a five-panel design, low profile, and metal eyelets for added durability. The nylon strap clip closure ensures a comfortable, adjustable fit, making it perfect for any head size. Whether you’re attending a rally or just embracing the madness of daily life, the Elder Party Cap is your protective talisman.

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