The Yellow Sign Knit Beanie


Let the Yellow Sign guide you, but beware its call. This beanie is more than just an accessory—it’s a symbol of your journey into the realms of cosmic horror.

Beware the Sign!

Have you seen the Yellow Sign? Now, it’s right on your forehead! Embrace the siren call to the dark world of the King in Yellow and Carcosa with this ominous knit beanie.

Venture into the unknown with the “Yellow Sign Knit Beanie,” designed for activists, Lovecraft enthusiasts, and those intrigued by the macabre allure of the King in Yellow. Adorned with the cryptic Yellow Sign, this beanie serves as a beacon to the mysterious realms beyond human understanding. Crafted from a blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic, it promises both warmth and durability.

The intricate embroidery of the Yellow Sign, a curious symbol in gold, captivates the eye and stirs the imagination. Neither Arabic nor Chinese, this mark belongs to no known human script, adding an element of eerie fascination. The soft, stretchy fabric ensures a comfortable fit, making it perfect for daily wear as you navigate the eldritch and the unknown.

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