Vote Best Evil Cthulhu Presidential Mug


Embrace the madness, sip the satire, and let Cthulhu’s campaign of chaos begin with every brew.

Campaign with Chaos: Cthulhu for President Mug

Start your day with a taste of eldritch revolution. This mug blends political satire with cosmic horror, perfect for those who revel in dark humor.

Unveil the absurdity of our two-choice political system with the “Cthulhu for President” Mug. This black-and-white masterpiece captures the Great Old One himself, ominously campaigning in Washington DC. The detailed illustration, set against the stark backdrop of our nation’s capital, is a haunting reminder of the eldritch chaos lurking beneath our political facade.

Crafted from premium ceramic, this 15 oz mug boasts a glossy finish that enhances its dark, enigmatic design. Standing at 4.7 inches tall with a 3.35-inch diameter, it’s perfectly sized for your morning coffee or evening tea. Remember, true eldritch artifacts require special care: this mug is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe, so hand-wash only to preserve its timeless horror.

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