Your Stars Are Wrong: Wisdom for the Coming Age of Cthulhu


“Your Stars are Wrong” is the perfect motivational tome for self-yelp and personal doom. 156 pages of illustrated, lost wisdom out of the eons will actualize your ritual sacrifices beyond space and time. The gateway grimoire to more potent publications.

This is not your average motivation book. This collection of eldritch knowledge - echoing the power, passion, and madness of extraordinary seers and cultists - speaks directly to the human condition without insulting your intelligence or using sappy babble. You’ll find yourself gibbering with delight as you absorb secrets of the cosmos man was never meant to know.

YOUR STARS ARE WRONG is a modern collection of forbidden ancient wisdom carefully refined into easily digestible memes. The voices of the lost prophets of Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Shub Niggurath, and Azathoth reverberates down through the eons, inspiring us to live, love, and die as our Dire Masters command us to.

Written by Cthulhu's press secretary, Samir al-Azrad, this books is sure to inspire your ghoulish cravings and lust for unnatural power.

Tentacles of Cthulhu