Volunteer for Cthulhu

Let's make this race too scary, too consequential and too close for people to think clearly and then use their confusion to our electoral advantage.

by | Aug 30, 2016

Cthulhu has devoted his life to spreading chaos, death, and madness — now we need to fight bring that to America.

Here’s how we win

We need to have one-on-one conversations with every voter if we’re going to put Cthulhu in the White House.

In addition to forming your local Cult of Cthulhu, you can…


Distribute Flyers

Get the word out at your workplace, bookstore, or anywhere flyers can be posted. Pass out flyers to unsuspecting passers by on the street. The more people know about Cthulhu, the larger our cults will grow!

Have a Cthulhu party!

Hosting an event is a big deal for this team—attending supporter-hosted events is one of the most common ways new folks get involved with Cthulhu for America.

Simulate the destruction a Cthulhu victory will unleash by playing games like The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, Monopoly: CTHULHU Board Game, Pandemic Reign Of Cthulhu Board Game or any number of games that simulate the glorious end of the human race.

Be a proud cultist!

No time to volunteer? You wear some Cthulhu swag wherever you go to show the world you want to share the gift of oblivion! Our time to step out from the shadows is now. Donations also help spread the word.

Talk to voters at their door

A face-to-face conversation is the single most effective way to engage another voter in your neighborhood.

Our handy scripts can help you let your neighbors know that legal human sacrifice is on it’s way!

Talk to voters on the phone

Phone calls have proven time and again to increase a voter’s chances of heading to the polls, especially when those calls are made by a volunteer.

Spreading the word of Cthulhu is easy! Just cold call people using our handy call scripts and we’ll be well on our way to electoral victory.